Electric arc furnace

The tilt cylinder of an electric arc furnace at the Georgsmarienhütte started to leak from the piston rod after a short time in operation. The damage analysis from the service technicians of Montanhydraulik Reparatur und Service GmbH led to the following conclusions:

The malfunction had been caused by electrostatic charge which had caused craters to form and damage the hard chromium plated piston rod. In addition the hard chromium coating had been electrochemically corroded. The high dust level finally led to a rapid abrasive wear of the rod seal.

The on-site problem analysis of the disassembled tilt cylinder was followed by retrofitting of the cylinder with a fully-insulated cylinder and rod guide, continuous rod flushing and welding by inductive heating of the piston rod. This bundle of measures extended the service life of the equipment from six months to four years.

Furnace tilt cylinder:

  • piston diameter: 320 mm
  • rod diameter: 220 mm
  • stroke: 2,600 mm
  • operating pressure: 230 bar