Bulk freight wagon Tals 966/967

So as to comply with the new safety requirements of the federal railway law one German rail company had to fit a safety control system to the existing hydraulics of its bulk freight wagons that operate the wagon hatches. At the same time the manual operation was to be converted into a hydraulic control via pilot valve. Montanhydraulik Reparatur und Service in Dortmund was awarded the contract to build two sample systems.

The repair company developed together with the development department of Montanhydraulik a new control block unit for hydraulic actuation, which is supplied as a retro-fit mounting kit, and a safety control system, which can be integrated into the existing system.

After certification and the successfully completed test phase of the prototype, Montanhydraulik Reparatur und Service was awarded the contract to convert all 136 rail wagon hydraulic units. The first converted systems were delivered at the beginning of 2011.

The following requirements were successfully fulfilled:

  • Drawing up a service description for the conversion and retro-fitting of the systems
  • Drawing up a function description and complete construction plans and circuit plan documentation for the conversion
  • Safety inspection through FMEA
  • Production of two prototypes with new control block unit
  • Optimisation of the system
  • Conversion of 136 bulk freight wagons